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Enlarge Your Territory
12.15.08   by Janice Crawford

In November 2001, I made a trip to New York City with a group of ladies from my church. The primary purpose of our trip was to deliver Christmas stockings to a New York church who would, in turn, distribute them to needy children in Brooklyn.

The morning that we were going to the church to deliver the stockings, I was having my devotional time with the Lord. As was my usual custom during this time, I prayed the Jabez prayer. In the prayer, I ask the Lord to “bless me indeed and enlarge my territory.” After I finished my prayers, the Lord spoke clearly to me in my spirit. He said that He was indeed going to “enlarge my territory.”

I had no idea what this meant or what it would entail. I even questioned Him asking, “What do you mean, Lord?” I am retired and stay at home with my husband who is in poor health. I knew that I was not capable of going to the mission field or even being involved on a regular basis in the ministry of my local church. So how was the Lord going to “enlarge my territory”?

I received no answer from the Lord. I shared with my roommate what the Lord had given me and she didn’t understand the meaning either.

Later that morning, during the church service, the Pastor called me up to the altar to give me a message from the Lord. Amazingly enough, he repeated to me basically the same thing that I had received that morning in my devotional time. My roommate, who was equally astonished, reminded me that it was the same thing I had told her earlier. However, I still had no indication as to what this meant.

In 2005, while reading Guidepost, I read about the Breakthrough Prayer Ministry. I felt led to contact them, not knowing the Lord was getting ready to “enlarge my territory.”

I became an intercessor with Breakthrough and, since then, I have had the opportunity to pray for people from all over the world. This ministry has been a tremendous blessing to me; without leaving my home, I am able to pray for hundreds of people. Many people that I come in contact with request prayer for themselves, family, and friends. I, in turn, send their requests to Breakthrough. In fact, I have sent in over 65 requests during this past year and have seen many answers to prayer because of this wonderful ministry.

God is such a good God! Bless His Holy Name! He certainly has “enlarged my territory” in a way I could never have imagined.


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