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His Evident Mercies
6.4.09   Sent by Joan

The Lord works in strange ways and what looks like a set-back can be providential.  The Lord has continued to look after Hazel, a woman with fetal alcohol syndrome who had been living at risk on skid row.  My daughter has been able to assist through Government agencies to get housing for Hazel in the village.  Hazel no longer poses a risk to herself or others and is close to being legally declared incompetent so that people to whom she willingly gives Power of Attorney can no longer abuse her.  She was arrested and jailed briefly and the police moved her in a straitjacket from the village to a larger city where there are facilities to help her.  She is staying on her medications and not using drugs, even though she still drinks sometimes.  Hazel is in God's hands and He is looking after her.  Praise the Lord for small mercies and thank you for the prayer support.

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