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Prayers that Make Your Dreams Come True
7.14.10   by Catherine Marshall

There is no limit to what a combination of dreams and prayer can achieve. I have seen amazing results in many areas: finding the right mate or the right job, locating the ideal house, rearing children, building a business.

And as for the danger that our dreams may spring from our selfish human will rather than God’s will, there are tests we can give ourselves. Only when a dream has passed such a series of tests, so that we are certain our heart’s desire is also God’s before we pray, can we pray the Dreaming Prayer with faith and thus with power.

Ask yourself:

Will my dream fulfill the talents, temperament and emotional needs God has planted in my being? This is not easy to answer. It involves knowing oneself, the real person inside, as few of us do without prayerful self-examination.

Does my dream involve taking anything, or any person, belonging to someone else? Would its fulfillment hurt any other human being? If so, you can be fairly sure this particular dream is not God’s will for you.

Am I willing to make all my relationships with other people right? If I hold resentments, grudges, bitterness, no matter how justified, these wrong emotions will cut me off from God, the Source of creativity. No dream can be achieved in a vacuum of human relationships. Even one such wrong relationship can cut the channel of power.

Do I want this dream with my whole heart? Dreams are not usually brought to fruition in divided personalities; only the whole heart will be willing to do its part toward implementing the dream.

Am I willing to wait patiently for God’s timing?

Am I dreaming big? The bigger the dream and the more persons it will benefit, the more apt it is to stem from the infinite designs of God.

If your heart’s desire can pass a series of tests like this, then you are ready for the final necessary step in the Dreaming Prayer! Hand your dream over to God, and then leave it in His keeping. There seem to be periods when the dream is like a seed that must be planted in the dark earth and left there to germinate.

But the growth of that seed, the mysterious and irresistible burgeoning of life in dark and in secret, is God’s part of the process.

The very moment a God-given dream is planted in our hearts, a strange happiness flows into us. I have come to think that at that moment all the resources of the universe are released to help us. Our praying is then at one with the will of God, a channel for the Creator’s always joyous, triumphant purposes for us and our world.

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