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Amazing Grace
10.12.11   Sent by Shirley

I was notified of your three week commitment to pray for me and my concerns. Just receiving the postcard was an amazing blessing, as I was facing a VERY busy and possibly stressful three weeks ahead. I immediately felt at peace.
My husband and I led a parish weekend which turned out to be the very best one ever. I was also the chairperson of a National Day of Prayer event involving six different denominations that was rated the best one in the 15 years I’d been working with them! I led a prayer guild meeting that was a blessing to all of us and I had facial surgery as a follow up to a removal of face cancer. It was the 4th one in a series. My post surgery discomforts have been minimal!
The one aspect that really hit me was that I felt uplifted and at peace – never feeling hurried or stressed. It’s an amazing experience. This allowed me to see what happens when others are truly praying for me. It confirmed my commitment to being an intercessor! 

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