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Answers to Prayer

A Full Night's Rest
8.26.15   Sent by Brenda
I sent in a request months ago that God would take care of dogs that barked all night long right behind my house. To some it may seem frivolous, but...
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Sermon Wisdom
8.26.15   Sent by Kotso from Ghana
By grace I was able to prepare and deliver my sermon. But we all know that is where my task ends. We sow, but God waters and nurtures the seeds....
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A New Liver
8.20.15   Sent by Genie

The liver transplant surgery went well! Praise the Lord! Thank you, faithful prayer warriors, for praying for Jann and for the family of the donor!


Divine Provision
7.29.15   Sent by Linda from Arizona

God provided financially in three different ways after four years of being hungry and almost homeless. God brought us through.


Leukemia Gone
7.29.15   Sent by Judy from Texas
For the past year, I have been having you pray for my grandson, who had AML leukemia. It was a desperate case with many complications. On April 27, he had...
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Pain Relief
7.1.15   Sent by Betty
I have not taken a pain pill for my severe back pain since June 4th. I am able to walk short distances without the use of my walker. There is...
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Jesus Overcomes
7.1.15   Sent by Linda

My daughter has overcome her eating disorder and is growing in her relationship with the Lord!


Rejoicing in God
4.27.15   Sent by Juanita from Missouri
Juanita from Missouri is praising God that her friend Joyce "was depressed and in her words had backslidden in old habits and selfishness.  Now, she is back serving the...
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Son Returns Safe
4.27.15   Sent by Helen from Illinois

Helen from Illinois praises God that her son Tom came home from the Middle East and he is doing fine spiritually, physically and mentally!!  Thank you Intercessors for praying!!


New Healthy Life
4.27.15   Sent by Marie from Massachusetts
Marie in Massachusetts praises God and is pleased to report that Stephanie's baby came early and she was able to deliver naturally instead of by C-section.  Mother and baby are doing...
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Healed without Surgery
4.27.15   Sent by Patricia from Malaysia
Patricia from Malaysia praises the Lord and thanks the Intercessors for your prayers. Adeline's head wounds have been healed with no need from plastic surgery. She resumed her job as...
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4.27.15   Sent by Gabriela in Florida
Gabriela in Florida is praising God that Melanie is now well, feeling great, went back to work.  "Our whole family is thanking God and the prayers of people like you."  Thank you...
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Gospel Preached
4.14.15   Sent by Daniel from Florida

Praise the Lord! Many doors have opened for me to share the Gospel. And, I was provided with postage so that I can continue to write.

Child Cancer
4.14.15   Sent by Barbara from Florida

For all of your prayers, thank you! Little Cohen is cancer free! Glory to God!

Cancer Free
4.7.15   Sent by Carol from Nevada

My daughter is cancer free! Many thanks to you, intercessors, for praying! And praise God!

4.7.15   Sent by Marilyn from Tennessee

My daughter and her husband have restored their marriage and home. Your persistent prayers are such a blessing.

Re-Entering Life
3.31.15   Sent by Eryca from Maryland
My Aunt Darlene came out of the mental institution and has had a season of productivity upon re-entering life. She was able to go through and sort through her sister's...
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3.31.15   Sent by Claudia from West Virginia

Robert has received healing for his irregular heartbeat and clot. Glory to God!

3.24.15   Sent by Eugene from Massachusetts

Praise the Lord, and thank you, intercessors, for your prayers. My friend, Robert has turned his life around and is a completely changed person. Glory to God!!!

3.24.15   Sent by Emily from California
My husband Steve was offered a good job, with good pay. When I first contacted Breakthrough with the prayer request, it was hard for me to pray in hope because...
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No Scars
3.17.15   Sent by Sandra from Texas
My daughter, Cindy, was taken off of the cream as it was burning her chest badly. She has had no reoccurrence of cancer. They thought she would be badly scarred...
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No Mortgage
3.17.15   Sent by Jolaine from Pennsylvania
The owners of a building found a benefactor to help with their retirement, so they gave the Pastor the building. They only needed to pay closing costs; and whatever upgrades...
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Voice Restored
3.10.15   Sent by Jamesella from California
My husband Ernest underwent throat cancer treatment and surgery in the brain. His voice has been restored and he is cancer free. Thank you for your dedication to pray for...
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Pain Relief
3.10.15   Sent by Suzette from Florida

I found a great chiropractor that I could afford and my pain is very reduced. I have more energy and I communicate more cheerfully with my daughter! Thank you!!!

Found a New Home
2.11.15   Sent by Michael from England
Michael praises God and thanks the Intercessors for your prayers. He was provided a suitable flat nearby before the eviction date, which was unexpected. There were others ahead of...
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NO Cancer
2.11.15   Sent by Joan in Canada
Joan praises God and thanks the Intercessors for your prayers. Sylvia went for a round of treatment and the doctors could find NO cancer. They cannot figure it out!...
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God Speaks
2.9.15   Sent by Kathleen from Virginia
Kathleen writes to thank the Intercessors for your prayers. During this "surprise" prayer time she was scheduled to give three talks at a national convention. She was so encouraged knowing...
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Healing from Ebola
2.9.15   Sent by Obiageri from Canada
God bless each and everyone of you for taking time to pray for my sister Kelechi. She has been healed of ebola virus and discharged from the hospital. Praise be...
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Kidneys Improved
1.14.15   Sent by Lois from California
Lois praises God that her daughter Karina's kidney specialist informed her that her kidneys are "in remission"!! She is continuing to improve from her blood clot covering the right...
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Surgery Successful
1.14.15   Sent by Chris and Judy from North Carolina
Chris and Judy praise God for a successful surgery!! What a wonderful and caring God, praise our Heavenly Father who looks after his children! Thank you Intercessors for...
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God is Faithful
1.14.15   Sent by Paula from Pennsylvania
Paula praises God that her daughter Tori is beginning to allow Paula to speak to her about His faithfulness and love. Also, through this situation with her twin daughters...
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11.24.14   Sent by Joyce from Texas

Joyce praises God that Lynsey is now drug-free and doing well. Never give up! Thank you Intercessors for praying!

New Job
11.12.14   Sent by Lorraine from California
Lorraine from California thanks the Intercessors for your prayers. Her sister was let go from the job that was causing distress and was recently hired in a new position with...
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A Carpenter
11.12.14   Sent by Sonja from Illinois
Sonja reports that her son is working again as a carpenter, after being out of work for 5 years in a bad economy! Thank you, intercessors, for your faithful...
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Mental Strength
11.12.14   by Janice Crawford

Stephanie, who has mental health issues, is now off of drugs. Praise God!

-Joveta from Oregon

11.12.14   Sent by Andrea from Virginia
The prayer request for Erin that started on 2/5/2014 has resulted in a tenant who signed a one-year lease for enough money to cover their mortgage payment. Please let...
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11.12.14   Sent by Cheryl from Virginia

Cheryl writes to thank the Intercessors for your prayers. The settlement has now been received, which helps tremendously. Thank the Lord.

-Cheryl from Virginia

Loan Granted
10.17.14   Sent by Vicky from Iowa
Vicky praises God for favor with a loan officer at the bank and was able to get a home equity loan on her home to pay off the land balloon...
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10.17.14   Sent by Michael from England
Thank you for your prayers for me in July 2014 when I was facing eviction. God did not stop that but He did provide me with a suitable flat nearby...
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10.17.14   Sent by Leonor from Ecuador
Leonor from South America praises the Lord and thanks the Intercessors for your prayers. Her grandson Andre is healed. The doctors can no longer find anything wrong with him. Glory...
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Grace-Filled Speech
10.17.14   Sent by Pam from South Carolina
Pam from South Carolina praises the Lord and thanks the Intercessors for your prayers. Ex-husband Randy has been talking to her with a better attitude and seems to have softened...
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Job and Relocation
10.13.14   Sent by Ana from California
  On Monday, September 29, I sent a request for prayer for my son-in-law, Darin. He had been out of work for six months. I’m very grateful to report...
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10.13.14   Sent by Sonia from Michigan
Sonia writes that her daughter’s needs have been answered. She not only finished all her training and certifications, but God graciously sent her a Christian and virtuous young man. They...
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Restored Family
10.13.14   Sent by Marilyn from Tennessee

So glad my daughter and her husband have restored their marriage and home of six children. Praise you Jesus! Thanks for the prayers! -Marilyn from Tennessee

Cancer Gone
10.1.14   Sent by Blanche from Pennsylvania
Blanche is praising God for His faithfulness!  She writes, "Good news!  This past week the biopsy results came back and they found no more cancer around where the lump...
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Amazing Hip Surgery
10.1.14   Sent by Linda from California
Praise God! Linda said her hip surgery was "amazing"!  She said she felt better the very day it was done, and the rehabilitation people were Christians.  Thank you for...
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Peace for the Troubled
9.10.14   Sent by Janet from Maryland
Janet's client who was threatening and dangerous has now calmed down tremendously and is able to come session to session with homework. Praise God for peace and the prayers...
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Health Protection
9.10.14   Sent by Robin from California
Robin is praising God and thanking you, dear intercessors, that she was allowed to reduce her work hours due to health issues and keep her health benefits! ...
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Clear MRI Scan
9.10.14   Sent by Genie from New Mexico

Genie reports that Alyssa's MRI revealed no tumors and they are very grateful to God for that good news!  Thank you, intercessors, for faithfully praying!


Favor in Prison
9.10.14   Sent by Elwood from Pennsylvania
Elwood writes from prison that God has blessed him abundantly!  He gives all praise to his Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! He says, "I am involved in...
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Restored Marriages
9.10.14   Sent by Duane from Nebraska
Pastor Duane reports that one of the two troubled marriages he asked prayer for has been restored! Thank you, intercessors, for the difference your prayers make in...
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9.1.14   Sent by David
David thanks God that he was truly blessed and protected during his whole stay. He was wonderfully taken care of by the host families in Spain, who met his very...
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No More Cancer
9.1.14   Sent by Blanche
Blanche praises God for His faithfulness. She writes, "Good news! This past week the biopsy results came back and they found no more cancer around where the lump...
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Dental Surgery
9.1.14   Sent by Valerie
Valerie wanted the intercessors to know that she completed all her dental surgery and healed very quickly. She thanks you for your prayers and says that everything went...
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9.1.14   Sent by Beth

Beth praises God that Diane got a good result on the health issue she was worried about. Thank you for your prayers!


Peace in Husband
2.4.14   Sent by Kate
Kate is praising God!  She writes, "You prayed that the spirit of anger would leave my husband, and it has - thanks to God for this deliverance and to...
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Job Provision
2.4.14   Sent by Kim

Kim writes, "My husband has a job close to home now.  That was a huge answer to prayer.  God provided in every way."  Praise God! Thank you, intercessors, for your faithful prayer support!

Family Unity
2.4.14   Sent by Ruth
Ruth writes, "Brethren I asked for God to bring peace and unity in my family, my sister now visits our mum and even spends the whole day with her, and...
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More than Enough
2.4.14   Sent by Linda
Linda is "Praising God" that within a few months of requesting prayer for guidance and a job, the Lord provided her with 3 job offers and now she's working 2...
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Eased Anxiety
2.4.14   Sent by Gail
Gail writes, "God is so good, but it's intercessors' prayers that move Him to action.  Nevin's trip went well, and most important, he again was declared cancer free.  It...
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Bank Paid Rent
1.9.14   Sent by Ronald
Ronald reports that he had a miracle on his rent check when he sent in his prayer request to Breakthrough intercessors. He writes, "The bank paid the check rather...
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Restored Relationships
1.9.14   Sent by Brenda
Brenda reports, "My father died July 1st and I submitted several requests because my sisters suddenly turned on me and gave me the cold shoulder.  I want to thank...
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No Tumor
1.9.14   Sent by Carol
Carol reports, "You have been carrying the burden with us and now it's time to ask you to rejoice with us.  Yesterday was the last day of the two...
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One Lost is Found
1.9.14   Sent by Leonor
I am writing to you to thank you for praying for Patricia who had disappeared for three days.  She has showed up.  Thank God! She is visibly nervous and...
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1.9.14   Sent by Marlene

My husband is now alcohol and smoke free!  Thank you Intercessors!!!


Brain Cancer
12.6.13   Sent by David

David's wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer next to the brain and was healed over 2 years!  We are rejoicing and thanking God for his sustaining healing virtue!

Mental Illness Help
12.6.13   Sent by Peg

W.J. has received help for mental illness and a decent job!  Both are huge answers to prayer.  Praise God and thank you for your breakthrough prayers!

Seizures Lessened
12.6.13   Sent by Tiarni
My son had seizures but when I called in for prayer he did not have them one after another and he only stayed in the hospital 1 day versus...
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Job Close by
12.6.13   Sent by Joyce
My niece Jacqui emailed and said she got a job 2 blocks away from where she used to work doing the same type of job. Praise God for answered...
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Restored Communication
12.6.13   Sent by Yasmin
A Praise unto God that we are having good communication with my husband's aunt, who is caretaker of our grown children, it has been bad in the past!  Thank...
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God's Favor in Work
11.12.13   Sent by Ruth
Ruth reports, "Please assist me to thank God, for His mercy endures forever.  I met the head of Human Resources at the H. district and she was not even...
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Surgery Recovery
11.12.13   Sent by Sarah
Sarah writes that when her husband wasn't waking up after several procedures, she prayed that he would wake up and become alert and start rehab.  He did!  She said...
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Grace and Favor in Prison
11.12.13   Sent by Judah
Judah is rejoicing as he sees the prayers of the intercessors being answered!  He says, "In addition to the power of grace upon your intercessors, I believe my arrival...
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Cancer Treated
11.12.13   Sent by Lucy
Lucy says, “Sadie came home today. The cancer is nowhere else in her body other than a couple of bones in her spine that are directly next to the...
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Kidneys Healed
10.11.13   Sent by Beverley
"First of all, may I give God praise?  He worked through all your prayers and now my kidneys are working great!  I have to wear a catheter, but God...
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10.11.13   Sent by Susan
Susan said husband recieved an offer of a 3-month probationary job.  It has no benefits but it can help pay the bills - so God is working, she said! ...
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Debt Cancelled
10.11.13   Sent by Janice

Praise God!  He mercifully cancelled a large debt of $10,000 Janice owed!  Thank you for praying for Janice's financial situation.  God is abundantly good.


Miracle Baby
10.11.13   Sent by Jacqueline
Jacqueline writes, "Last January 2012 my sister-in-law suffered a miscarriage.  She and my brother had fertility treatments several times.  I submitted a request to Breakthrough on their behalf, asking...
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Better Care
10.11.13   Sent by Jeanie

Praise God that Jeanie's son, Keith, was moved to another faith based correctional facility for his health care needs. Thanking you- Intercessors for your Labor of Love!


Provision for Bills
8.30.13   Sent by Wanda
I was unable to pay my bills and rent and was going through a lot,  Thank you Jesus He has placed me where I don't have to worry about...
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Surgery No Longer Required
8.30.13   Sent by Natalie

I praise God that my mind and body have been healed so that I don't require surgery. Thank you, intercessors, for your wonderful prayer support!


Missing Boy Found
8.30.13   Sent by Genie
Thank you, faithful prayer warriors and praise be to the Lord our God that missing 9-year-old Brendan was found.  Blessings, all yours, with 10,000 besides, for having prayed! Praise God...
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8.30.13   Sent by Jacqueline
Last January 2012 my sister-in-law suffered a miscarriage.  She and my brother had fertility treatments several times.  I submitted a request to Breakthrough on their behalf, asking that God...
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8.30.13   Sent by Janet
Praise God!  Janet's daughter got the housing she needed, and she and Janet are reconciled in their relationship.  Thank you, intercessors, for your wonderful prayer support!  Our God hears...
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Cancer healing!
2.20.13   Sent by Jo
Thank you for praying for Tom. I had asked for prayer of healing from his prostrate cancer. He had surgery and is now back to good health and able to...
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Seth's grace
2.20.13   Sent by Donna
Thank you for praying for my son, Seth. He has gotten a job in a restaurant and a neighbor has been talking to him about Jesus. Seth is seeing grace...
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Healing through Prayer
2.8.13   Sent by Beverly
I had oral surgery to help save a tooth, but a lump developed after the surgery and remained for about three months. The dentist said another surgery would be necessary...
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Marriage Breakthrough
2.8.13   Sent by Deborah
When you began praying for us, my husband and I were at a place where we thought our marriage was ending. Then God moved my heart so I could see...
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Successful Surgery!
1.30.13   Sent by Janet

Thank you for your prayers for my daughter-in-law, Carrie. She had surgery to have a mass removed from her ovary, and no cancer was found. Praise God! 


Ben's Breakthrough!
1.30.13   Sent by Deidre

God has delivered Ben from a boss who bullied him, and from a dishonest company that exploited him. We continue to trust that God opens doors for Ben!


Praise God!
1.21.13   Sent by Janelle

During the prayer period for my son, he was given a promotion at work and his sister (who was also being prayed for!) was able to witness to him. 

Mercy and Grace
1.21.13   Sent by Melinda
After my mom's passing, I am thankful that God's hand was in every detail, that my mom did not suffer, and that I was able to be at her bedside...
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Great Answer to Prayer!
1.11.13   Sent by Theresa
Great answer to prayer! Bob's former employer called him, and asked him to return to work and increased his wages by $2 per hour. Breakthrough has been such a blessing...
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Job Offer!
1.11.13   Sent by Bruce

Thank you for praying! I was offered a job today. Thank you for praying and to God be all the glory!


Business Increase
12.3.12   Sent by Betty
Thank you so much for praying for my husband’s business. Things have really picked up for the first time in years! We are so excited and happy. It is such...
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Relationship Breakthrough
11.12.12   Sent by Anonymous

 I have definitely seen prayer answered about our boys, Jake and Ben. There have been improvements in their relationship. Thank you so much! I so appreciate your prayers!

Breakthrough in Prison
11.12.12   Sent by Ollie
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unsolicited intercession on my behalf. I know it greatly smoothed my transition to the new camp I’m...
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Cancer Results
11.2.12   Sent by Blanche
Good news! I wanted you to know that Gina’s breast cancer exam results came back and it was all negative! It was just a mass of tissue that...
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Cancer Free!
11.2.12   Sent by Kathy
I asked prayer for my sister, Barbara, who was diagnosed with cancer a few days before Christmas. At the time, she was only given three months to live. In February,...
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Marriage Breakthrough
10.17.12   Sent by Donna
Eighteen years ago, I asked prayer for my marriage. He was leaving and didn’t love me anymore. Praise the Lord, this June we will be celebrating 38 years...
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Cancer Healing
10.17.12   Sent by June
About two years ago, I requested prayer for my son-in-law, Matt, who was faced with stage four, carcinoid cancer in his liver. Since then, through the grace of...
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Message of Insight
10.8.12   Sent by Gail
I received an insightful message from one of your intercessors and I would love for her to know how much I appreciate her prayers and the verses she was led...
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Relationship Healing
10.8.12   Sent by Becky
I must tell you that after I requested prayer from you, within less than 24 hours my mother called to apologize to me. Praise the Lord for His mighty hand...
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Over a Year Sober!
9.28.12   Sent by Sybil

My youngest son is a recovering alcoholic. He is over a year and a half sober! Thank you for interceding for him!

Son's Salvation
9.28.12   Sent by Yasmine

Praise the Lord, my son has given his life to Jesus

Mighty Healing
9.21.12   by Janice Crawford

We prayed for God to heal Shannon’s husband from cancer, back trouble, and kidney cysts. Praise the Lord, he’s been healed! Thank you for your prayers.

The Father Knows Best
9.21.12   Sent by Inette
I wrote back in 2009 asking prayer for my parents’ healing. My father had cancer and my mother had early stages of Alzheimer’s. My mom, Nettie, is doing much better!...
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Lord's Intervention
9.14.12   Sent by Susan

God heard our cries! My brother was on the verge of losing his business due to theft, but the Lord completely cleared it up. Thank you for your prayers!

Tammy's Job!
9.14.12   Sent by Joette
My daughter, Tammy, got a different job! She had been working on a TV set with a horrible boss who would curse and verbally abuse her. She was miserable, but...
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Cindy's Healing
8.3.12   Sent by Sandra
You have been praying for our daughter, Cindy, and her husband, Robert. I have seen perseverance in Cindy’s countenance and I know this has come from the Lord through your...
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Family Breakthrough
7.27.12   Sent by Karen
I had requested prayer for my two grown sons who were raised to know Jesus, but have become worldly. The younger son’s wife had left him and they were both...
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Back to Work
7.20.12   Sent by Rose
I’m writing to tell you the good things Jehovah God has done for me. He has answered our prayers! We are back to work and for that I feel humbled...
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Christie's Breakthrough
7.20.12   Sent by Cindy
Thank you for praying for Christie. She has been so mentally tortured and sick for so long. She was anorexic and would rarely come out of her bedroom. She has...
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Henry's Recovery
7.13.12   Sent by Janice
Thank you for your prayers for Henry. He has recovered very well and is back at work. He is beginning to get back the use of his hand....
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Marriage Breakthrough!
7.13.12   Sent by Blance
Thank you for your prayers for Henry. He has recovered very well and is back at work. He is beginning to get back the use of his hand....
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Billye's Cancer
7.6.12   Sent by Genie
All of the cancer in Billye’s abdomen and digestive tract has disappeared. That’s wonderful news! But the primary tumor between her spine and colon seems to be the same size...
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Healing and Refreshment
7.6.12   Sent by Sharda
Thank you for your prayers. I feel so healed and refreshed and am ready to let God use me. My fears and doubts are gone and I am enjoying His...
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A Timely Answer
6.21.12   Sent by Betsy

I have a hunger for the Holy Spirit and was so excited to get the audio CD by Catherine Marshall! It was a timely answer to prayer!

New Job
6.21.12   Sent by Bryan

Within two weeks of requesting prayer, I had a job interview and within one month, I had a new job!

Thank you!
6.15.12   Sent by Nancy
Thank you for having others pray for me from time to time. It is such a faith-builder to receive a word from someone you don’t know, who you...
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Healing from Infection
6.15.12   Sent by John
I requested prayer for Nuha, who had a rapidly spreading abdominal infection, which could have been life-threatening. Thanks be to God and the doctors who figured out what it was...
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Family Breakthrough!
6.6.12   Sent by Jurema
Thank you so very much. I just want to add this note of praise. I had requested prayer on behalf of a child (three and a half years old) who...
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Job Offer!
5.25.12   Sent by Debra
Praise God! My husband has been offered a job and will be training all this week to see if he has the skills and abilities to do it. Our awesome...
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Financial breakthrough!
5.14.12   Sent by Nicole
I requested prayer for my financial situation, particularly because I wanted to go on a mission trip but the tickets were expensive. I am happy to report that the Lord...
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Thank you!
5.7.12   Sent by Frances

Every time I request prayer God has moved on them. Thanks much for this ministry.

Niece's Healing
5.7.12   Sent by Connie
I had called and requested prayers for a niece who was having brain surgery to relieve seizures. It was a very serious major surgery and recovery process. I am pleased...
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Pain Gone!
4.27.12   Sent by Diana
I was not expecting the postcard from you, saying that you would be praying for me for a three week period. That was a pleasant surprise that warmed my heart....
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Release and Reconciliation
4.20.12   Sent by Jim
While I was incarcerated, I submitted prayer requests to Breakthrough on behalf of the men at the prison. Just yesterday, I met one of the brothers with whom I was...
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Sober for a Year!
4.20.12   Sent by Sybil

Don will celebrate two years of sobriety in July. God is to be praised!

Sister Employed
4.13.12   Sent by Ellen
Praise God! My sister who was out of work for two years got a job in May – three days after the three week prayer period had ended. Thank you...
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Carolyn's healing!
4.13.12   Sent by Sara

Your intercessors prayed for my daughter, Carolyn, who had breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy, and all of the cancer was removed. Thank you very much.

Renewed Faith!
4.6.12   Sent by Tracey

Praise God! My cousin gave her life to Jesus after I submitted a prayer request!


Complete Healing
4.6.12   Sent by Cyndy
Thank you so much for praying for me. I had experienced vertigo and it was debilitating, putting me on the couch, depressed, and wondering if I would walk...
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Miracle after Miracle
3.26.12   Sent by Judy

All through the years when Breakthrough has prayed, I’ve seen miracle after miracle in my life. It is profound. Praise God for Breakthrough.


Grandfather's Surgery
3.26.12   Sent by Suellen

My 92 year old grandfather came through the pacemaker surgery after many cliff-hanging moments. Thank you so much for praying.

Lord's Intervention!
3.19.12   Sent by Edward
It is a gift of the Lord that I am still alive. When I was in the hospital, they thought that I would need a heart transplant. Because of grace,...
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Prodigal Daughter Returned!
3.19.12   Sent by Donna

You have prayed long for my prodigal daughter. She has fully returned to the Lord!

Cean's Job!
3.12.12   Sent by Vickie

My son Cean has been out of work for over two years. He began work today on a probationary basis for a major animation company – his dream job!

Beating Colon Cancer
3.12.12   Sent by Julie
I submitted a request for my mother-in-law who is battling colon cancer. She is doing better with a ways to go yet, but we were so grateful for...
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Praise for Children
3.5.12   Sent by Lois
In January, I requested prayer for my children. I asked for a godly husband for my daughter, Karina, and spiritual restoration for my son, Dan. There are signs of spiritual...
[see more]

No Amputation!
3.5.12   Sent by Bill
Thank you for your prayers for George, who had a blood clot in his leg, and the real possibility of an amputation. Good news! The doctor said that...
[see more]

Dramatic Change
2.24.12   Sent by Nancy
Unbelievably, Jay’s love for family has returned beyond any expectation. He is back to being his fun and caring self. He even has started attending a Sunday school class with...
[see more]

Mortgage Praise!
2.13.12   Sent by Nicole
I just wanted to share that God heard and answered my prayer request back in July regarding our mortgage. Praise God, we were approved for a modification and...
[see more]

Victoria's Healing
2.13.12   Sent by Judyth
I requested prayer for my daughter, Victoria, a few months back regarding a heart repair that she needed. She had been having strokes and they were caused by a hole...
[see more]

Surgery Success and Cancer Free!
2.3.12   Sent by Susan
Praise and thanks to God and to the Intercessors who were praying for my husband. The surgery was successful. He came home in three days. The pathology report...
[see more]

Extreme Peace
2.3.12   Sent by Crystal
I asked for a job and for peace. I thought that peace would come after I received the job; however, I found that the peace came as soon...
[see more]

Marriage Deliverance
1.27.12   Sent by Ginny of Ohio
The Lord did a mighty work of deliverance in my marriage. My husband is not going to leave me and we have gotten closer together. Thank you so much for...
[see more]

Christina's Praise
1.27.12   Sent by LaRonna

Christina was not only accepted into graduate school, but she got a teaching assistantship as well! Thank you for your prayers!


Sobriety Praise!
1.20.12   Sent by Margaret

My children, Cecil and Sarah, are well on their way to being sober and are willingly attending AA meetings! Thank you for your prayers for this!


Baby Healing
1.20.12   Sent by Teresa
I requested prayer for my grandson who was born over a month early. He is completely healthy and needed no emergency medical treatment as the doctors had been expecting. Thank...
[see more]

6 Year Old Claire
1.13.12   Sent by Edith
Thank you so much for praying for six year old, Claire. She survived the swine flu-induced lung infections, pneumonia, a stroke, removal from lung and heart machines, and...
[see more]

Healing the Broken
1.13.12   Sent by Mildred

I praise God for healing my broken neck after we were hit by a driver making an illegal turn!


Back to Work!
1.6.12   Sent by Marie
This is a response to the prayer request for Ted. He was just able to return to work as an equine veterinarian only two months after his accident!...
[see more]

Sean's Restoration and Salvation!
1.6.12   Sent by Elizabeth
My son, Sean, is still maintaining his sobriety and joined his family for a few days and reconnected with his twin daughters (age 15). Breakthrough has prayed for him for...
[see more]

Open Doors
12.28.11   Sent by James
Last week, I talked to my son, Eugene, for the first time in over a year, just after his birthday. I also had the rare opportunity to witness to my...
[see more]

Above and Beyond
12.28.11   Sent by Julia
I had a prayer request submitted for my sister, Francine, for a job in December. Praise God, she just started a new job and has also gotten another...
[see more]

Immediate Answers!
12.16.11   Sent by Sonia
We asked for prayers for our daughter, that the Lord would provide her with a family to buy her apartment here as well as for an apartment in Pennsylvania. I...
[see more]

Daughter Restored
12.7.11   Sent by Barbara

Many years ago, my daughter was living in a wayward lifestyle. I submitted requests several times for her. She is now a strong, godly woman, wife and mother.

Finding God and Job Intervention
12.7.11   Sent by Sharon of India
Thank you for your prayers! George is now on the path to finding God in his life and he has a job interview in a few days. Thank you for...
[see more]

Healing sans Hospital!!
11.30.11   Sent by Barbara
My husband has a psychiatric condition (bipolar disorder) and was showing definite signs that he was developing a psychotic episode (nervous breakdown). God intervened and helped us avoid going to...
[see more]

11.18.11   Sent by Lynn

My relationship with my daughter has been restored and is continuously getting better. Praise God, He is worthy to be praised!

Recovering from Surgery
11.18.11   Sent by Angela
My husband, John, had his surgery and is recovering! Thank you so much for your prayers. We felt them and will keep all of the intercessors in our prayers as...
[see more]

Sara's Brain Healing
11.11.11   Sent by Marilyn
Sara had a brain aneurism with bleeding into her brain. She had surgery and is doing well. She is out of the hospital and we are all thankful...
[see more]

Mind Healing
11.4.11   Sent by Sharon

Praise the Lord, Larry’s mind has improved to the extent that he now seems to recognize who we are. We continue to pray for his full recovery.

Custody Won!
10.28.11   Sent by Cassandra
I asked prayer for my husband and me to be able to get custody over his two little girls, Jenny and Faith. We won the custody battle in October and...
[see more]

Healing and Provision
10.28.11   Sent by Sandra
I am so grateful to the Lord for His mercy, power, and love. My husband is no longer going alone to counseling, we are going together! The Lord...
[see more]

Rehab Praise
10.21.11   Sent by Beverly

My sister’s grandson, Kyle, has agreed to go to a Christian drug rehab where the only literature he can read is the Bible. Praise the Lord!

Last Minute Provision
10.21.11   Sent by Mary
I had written for prayer several weeks ago and the answer came at literally the last hour of the last day I was being covered in prayer! I...
[see more]

Miraculous Progress
10.14.11   Sent by Suze
I wanted to let you know that Chuck has made remarkable progress! He is in the process of getting well, but the progress is nothing short of a miracle. The...
[see more]

Amazing Grace
10.12.11   Sent by Shirley
I was notified of your three week commitment to pray for me and my concerns. Just receiving the postcard was an amazing blessing, as I was facing a VERY busy...
[see more]

Accident Protection
10.12.11   Sent by Jonathan of South Africa
 I need help thanking the Lord for protecting me in a car accident. I would also like to thank him for delivering me from several temptations and attacks that came...
[see more]

Post Card Praise
9.30.11   Sent by Linda of South Carolina
I had not contacted you with a prayer request for quite some time. Then, out of the blue (not!), I received a post card saying that you were going to...
[see more]

Many Praises
9.30.11   Sent by Judy
I received a scripture from Breakthrough: Isaiah 58:11, “I have seen what they have done, but I will heal them.” The Lord did! Praise Jesus, my husband does not need...
[see more]

Job Secured!
9.23.11   Sent by Denise
My brother in law has been out of work for a long time. I asked for prayer that he be able to find a job, and within a month Chris...
[see more]

Beverly's Healing
9.23.11   Sent by Wardell

After undergoing four unsuccessful eye surgeries, I submitted a prayer request to Breakthrough for my sister, Beverly. God healed her completely and she is back at work!

Job Restored
9.16.11   Sent by Robin
After a 9 month struggle with the hospital, where I've worked as a RN for 25 years, I have just been allowed to keep my job! I was...
[see more]

Home Safe!
9.16.11   Sent by Nicole
I just wanted to share that God heard and answered my request back in July regarding our mortgage. Praise God, we were approved for a modification and the...
[see more]

Granddaughter's Healing
9.9.11   Sent by Elizabeth

I called the Emergency Prayer line in February for my granddaughter, Paige, who was admitted to the hospital with severe croup. Praise the Lord, she has recovered completely!


Every Request Answered
9.9.11   Sent by Joan
I called the Emergency Prayer line in February for my granddaughter, Paige, who was admitted to the hospital with severe croup. Praise the Thank you for praying for...
[see more]

Surgery Praise
9.2.11   Sent by Diane

Thank you so much for praying for my son, who had knee surgery yesterday. He did very well and is recuperating at home!

Daughter's Salvation
9.2.11   Sent by Phyllis
I am praising God that my daughter, after doing many other things, has recommitted her life to the Lord and is sharing about the way the Lord is working in...
[see more]

8.26.11   Sent by Ann
I wrote asking prayer for my husband, Carlton, who was having a CAT scan for colon cancer. At the follow up appointment, the test results showed NO CANCER! The doctor...
[see more]

Relationship Restoration!
8.19.11   Sent by Mitzi of Texas

Thank you all for your prayers! There has been a visible reduction in the strife in our home. Relationships are on the mend and peace is abounding. Thank you!

Salvation Praise!
8.12.11   Sent by Rick of Alabama
The Lord granted success to our sister who went to share the Gospel with a woman dying of cancer (Missy). Missy died Sunday morning, but she and her...
[see more]

Family Praise!
8.5.11   Sent by Karen
I wanted to thank all of the people who have been praying for my two daughters and their husbands. Kevin and Ryan just got new jobs and Martha and Kevin...
[see more]

New Life
7.25.11   Sent by Linda, WA
I praise God that I was recently born again! I have been struggling for years with various deceptions, but through the love of my husband and the...
[see more]

Financial Miracle
5.25.11   Sent by Anonymous

Thank you for your prayers! I have seen miracles of financial breakthrough that have helped me buy a much needed car. And our congregation is doing much better now.


Surgery Success
5.23.11   Sent by Suellen

My 92-year-old father came through the pacemaker surgery after many cliff-hanging moments. Thank you so much for praying for him!


Broken Bones
5.20.11   Sent by Brenda, Tennessee

Praise the Lord, my friend Diane was healed of her 14 broken ribs within a week of returning home from the hospital!   


Job Provision
5.16.11   Sent by Ann & Gordon
This is a note of thanksgiving to God and to the intercessors who have been praying for us and our marriage. God has really helped me (Ann) deal with some...
[see more]

Injuries Healing
5.10.11   Sent by Anonymous
Praise the Lord, after a very long delay, we have found out that Kurt’s injuries were not nearly as bad as the doctors had anticipated. They were able to repair...
[see more]

Father Surgery
5.5.11   Sent by Nicole
Last week I requested prayer for my father who was having surgery. I was very concerned about his going under anesthesia because he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. I...
[see more]

Family Improved
5.2.11   Sent by Alice, Singapore

Thank you so much for your prayer support. Things in my family are much better!


Condo Rented
4.26.11   Sent by Patricia, Delaware

Our condo has been rented after it was empty for four months! Praise the Lord!


Many Praises
4.18.11   Sent by Heidi, Florida
  Praise God! We received help for our electricity and one month rent. I have been sleeping a LOT better. I have been able to re-enter my field of interest as...
[see more]

Quit Smoking
4.7.11   Sent by Jo, Oregon

Thank you for your prayers! Our daughter, Stephanie, has quit smoking and the problems caused by her ADHD are getting better.


3.28.11   Sent by Merlene

Thank the Lord, my daughter was delivered from an abusive marriage and her divorce finally went through after a 12 month battle.


Felt the Power
3.24.11   Sent by Karen & Genie, New Mexico
Thank you so much for your prayers! I can tell you that I have literally felt the power of prayer and it is a supernatural experience that I am truly...
[see more]

Truth Revealed
3.15.11   Sent by Janet
I praise and thank God for answering my prayer for the truth to be revealed in Derek’s situation. Derek is counseling with a Christian counselor to help him overcome his...
[see more]

Favorable Court
3.10.11   Sent by Aldo
In early January, my family and I were called to court to answer about a car accident involving my daughter, Valy, two years ago. The meeting went well for us,...
[see more]

Job Provision
3.1.11   Sent by Joanie, California
My husband was laid off last summer. I submitted three prayer requests to Breakthrough. He had four interviews and the last one was the charm! He was offered the job...
[see more]

Tests Negative
2.22.11   Sent by Sandy, New Mexico
Thank you so much for praying for Philip the past few weeks. We saw the doctor on Monday and she said all the tests were negative, that included tests for...
[see more]

Healing Marriage
2.16.11   Sent by Pamela, Michigan
I sent my third request to you in August for the healing of our marriage after almost two years separated and the final divorce judgment date approaching 12 days later....
[see more]

Pain Free
2.11.11   Sent by Barbara

My prayer during the summer for healing was answered! I have plenty of energy and am pain free!

Lord Answered
2.8.11   Sent by Vic, Malawi
I would like to thank you for standing with me to pray for my needs. The Lord God answered our prayers in His own way, just when I...
[see more]

Brain Surgery
2.3.11   Sent by Connie
I had called and requested prayer for a niece who was having brain surgery to relieve seizures. It was very serious and major surgery/recovery process. I am pleased to tell...
[see more]

Cat Scans Clear
1.25.11   Sent by Diane

We are praising the Lord with all our hearts as Irma’s CAT scans and bone scans came back clear showing no cancer has spread!


Every Prayer
1.18.11   Sent by Judy , South Carolina

Every request for prayer I’ve made throughout the years has always been answered. There is power in the multitude of prayer! 

Immediate Response
1.14.11   Sent by Kim, NJ
I submitted a prayer request in December for a breast sonogram I was having the next day. I wasn’t sure if it would be seen and an intercessor assigned in...
[see more]

No More Visions
1.3.11   Sent by David
I asked prayer for my nephew who was having terrifying visions of his dead older brother and prayed that he would choose to be a believer in Christ. Since the...
[see more]

No Symptoms
12.27.10   Sent by Martha

I have not had symptoms of Parkinson’s disease while under prayer cover this month!

Custody of Child
12.23.10   Sent by Florence

Rosemary received custody of Baby Chloe! Praise God!

Job in Her Field
12.14.10   Sent by Valerie, Illinois

My niece has gotten a wonderful job after completing her Master’s Degree. This is a real answer to prayer as so many young people cannot get jobs in their field.

Husband & Baby
12.8.10   Sent by Jean, California

My daughter found a husband (something Breakthrough prayed for) and now she has a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

H1N1 Healing
11.30.10   Sent by Paula, Colorado

My daughter had H1N1 and was on a respirator. You all prayed for her and in two days she was well! Amazing! Glory to God!

Business Blessing
11.26.10   Sent by Iyanu, Lagos

The Lord not only provided an office for me to operate my business from, but also before even moving into the office, He connected me to a client!

New Home
11.23.10   Sent by Lori, New York

The Lord enabled us to sell our home pretty quickly and provided a much more suitable and affordable place to live closer to our church. Thank you for your prayers!

Salvation at Last
11.19.10   Sent by Joette

Years ago, Breakthrough prayed for my daughter, Tammy, to receive Christ. After a long time of prayer… she did!

Job and Graduation
11.5.10   Sent by Bonnie
I had asked for prayer for the past 3+ years for a job of God’s choosing. During this long waiting period, God did some growth and strengthening work...
[see more]

Provision in Russia
10.25.10   Sent by Sasha, Russia
Thank you for your prayers for us. We’re able to feed the street kids and give them clothes. But now we are also able to teach them how...
[see more]

Healing Prayer
10.18.10   Sent by Joan
I had some nasal polyp surgery.The anesthetic threw my whole body out of sync and my thyroid quit working properly. I had an ulcer and H-Pylori. It was a shock...
[see more]

Heart Repair
10.15.10   Sent by Judyth
I requested prayer for my daughter, Victoria, regarding a heart repair that she needed. She had been having strokes and they were caused by a hole in her heart. She...
[see more]

Good Grades
10.14.10   Sent by Suzette, Florida

We recently prayed about Rachel’s grades. She received all A’s in her classes, maintaining her 3.9 GPA. She is so happy! 

Above & Beyond
10.5.10   Sent by Teresa, Georgia
I requested prayer regarding financial provision for a trip to Utah to see my newborn grandson. I received an awesome, immediate answer to that prayer. I was able to travel...
[see more]

Daughter's Joy
10.4.10   Sent by Ellen, Michigan

My daughter got a job and met a wonderful man. She ended a very unhealthy relationship and then met this Christian man soon after. Thank you for praying!


Tumor Removed
10.1.10   Sent by Cynthia
Thank you so much for praying for me and my daughter, Amy, who had a fibroid tumor removed from her uterus. I thank the Lord that He saw her through...
[see more]

Bone Marrow Transplants
9.24.10   Sent by JoAnn
Thanks to all who have prayed for Harry. He has undergone bone marrow transplantation after several series of chemo, and is doing very well. The doctors are very pleased with...
[see more]

Can Still Have Babies!
9.21.10   Sent by Genie, New Mexico
Thank you, faithful prayer warriors, for praying for Trisha who had been diagnosed as having cervical cancer. Doctors now diagnose the problem as pre-cancer cells. Trisha can still have babies!...
[see more]

Unbelievable Job
9.7.10   Sent by Marilyn
Thanks for praying for my daughter, Dana, who lost her job. She now has a wonderful job ten times better than the one she had. She has much more responsibility...
[see more]

Successful Surgery
9.1.10   Sent by Susan, Virginia
Praise and thanks to God and to the Intercessors who were praying for my husband. The surgery was successful. He came home in three days. The pathology report showed that...
[see more]

Thanks for Engagement
8.30.10   Sent by Cheryl, Illinois
Andrea has dated a good Christian man named Bryan for a year and is now engaged to be married. It is really an answer to prayer because the man seems...
[see more]

School and a Job
8.30.10   Sent by LaRonna, Michigan

Christina not only was accepted into graduate school, but she got a teaching assistant job as well! Thank you for your prayers.

Tickets for Mission Trip
8.24.10   Sent by Nicole, New York
I requested prayer for my financial situation, particularly because I wanted to go on a mission trip but the tickets were expensive. I am happy to report that...
[see more]

Peace Came First
8.23.10   Sent by Crystal
I asked for a job and peace. I thought that peace would come after I received the job.  However, I found that peace came as soon as I...
[see more]

No Cancer!
8.18.10   Sent by Sandra, Texas
I praise the Lord, the God of all wonders, for His merciful care for our daughter. The tumor the doctor was concerned about turned out to have no cancer! The...
[see more]

Deliverance in Marriage
8.13.10   Sent by Virginia, Ohio
The Lord did a mighty work of deliverance in our marriage. My husband is not going to leave me and we have gotten closer together. Thank you so...
[see more]

Headaches Healed
8.12.10   Sent by Emily, California

I believe that God is at work, and that a healing process for my headaches has begun. Thank you so much for your prayers!


Job provision
8.11.10   Sent by Debbie, Ohio
My husband has been offered a job and will be training all this week to see if he has the skills and abilities to do it. Our awesome God is...
[see more]

Car Accident Recovery
8.11.10   Sent by Marji, Virginia
Thank you for praying for Amy, who was injured in a car accident in December. Breakthrough prayed for three weeks and she is progressing very well except for her ankle...
[see more]

Love for Family
7.20.10   Sent by Nancy, Pennsylvania
Unbelievably, Jay’s love for family has returned beyond any expectation. He is back to being his fun and caring self. He even has started attending a Sunday school...
[see more]

Six-year-old Health Recovery
7.9.10   Sent by Edith, NC
Thank you so much for praying for six-year-old Claire. She survived the swine flu-induced lung infections, pneumonia, a stroke, removal from lung and heart machines and extubation. She...
[see more]

Financial Breakthrough
7.2.10   Sent by Mary, Georgia
Thank you so much for your prayers! We had amazing financial breakthroughs today. We still have further to go, but what an encouragement in the way God answered prayer today....
[see more]

Praise for Work
6.25.10   Sent by Yukikio, Japan
Thank you so much for praying for my friend Vicky’s job! God answered our prayers! She got a good job near her place, a good working environment, and...
[see more]

6.15.10   Sent by Shawn, Arkansas
God has done everything that I specifically asked for in prayer. Michelle asked me to come back home after my contract in Iraq ends. She said that God...
[see more]

God Is Good
6.8.10   Sent by Ruth, Nambia
Thank you for standing in prayer with us for 21 days. We had a big crusade in a very poor community and we married six couples who accepted Jesus Christ...
[see more]

God's Provision
5.21.10   Sent by MaryLou, Texas
God has done much healing in Bill and has gloriously saved him and baptized him in the Holy Spirit. A couple of weeks ago he and his wife...
[see more]

Healing Power
5.14.10   Sent by Elizabeth, Honduras
God answered your prayers and the prayers of many others in the body of Christ regarding a specific prayer need I had.  I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma...
[see more]

5.4.10   Sent by Kendra, Texas
I asked for prayer as I had been feeling tormented, like I was having a nervous breakdown. During the three weeks of prayer the torment and anxiety stopped and I...
[see more]

Won Appeal
4.27.10   Sent by Dwayne, Washington

I won my appeal. God’s will be done. I will be resentenced to the lowest possible sentence. My family is slowly coming back.


Rejoicing in Rehab
4.16.10   Sent by John & Linda
Our son has been accepted into the rehab program! He will go to the rehab two times a week for group meetings and one-on-one counseling each week. Thank you all...
[see more]

Equipment provided
4.9.10   Sent by Wilson, Kenya
I had a prayer request that God may provide for me during our East Africa Bible Conference. I was in desperate need of a video production unit to produce the...
[see more]

Healing Prayer
3.26.10   Sent by Helen
I have been acquainted with your ministry since 1985 when I was very, very ill.  I was under a doctor's care, but none of the medicine he gave...
[see more]

Special Prayer
3.19.10   Sent by Deanie, KY
Last fall I received notice that my name had been randomly selected for prayer as an “inactive” intercessor. I was very surprised but also extremely blessed. It was...
[see more]

3.12.10   Sent by Joan, Georgia
I had excellent health last year, did not miss one day of work this past school year due to sickness or injury. Thanks be to God and His answers to...
[see more]

Glory to God!
12.14.09   Sent by Arleen, Canada
I have a praise report regarding your prayers for a job for me since I have not worked for six months. God’s timing is awesome. In a single day, I...
[see more]

Miracles Abound
12.11.09   Sent by Dorothy, PA
Thank you so much for praying for my husband. He is now in intensive care in the hospital after a severe colon operation and, at 83 years old,...
[see more]

12.10.09   Sent by Gail, WI
Many weeks ago, I sent in a prayer request for a church member who’s husband was filing for divorce. She has three sons (two teenagers, and a two-year-old). Her husband...
[see more]

Cancer Free
12.10.09   Sent by Carol, CA

Your prayers that my ovarian cyst and tumor would be cancer free were answered. I have no cancer and my mammogram even came back clear. Thank God.  


Finacial Praise
9.24.09   Sent by Rosemarie
Our God is an awesome God!  My daughter was seven months and $7,600 behind in her mortgage when she received a foreclosure notice - complete with the date she had...
[see more]

Marriage Thanks
9.24.09   Sent by Anonymous
Thank you for allowing me to pray for others through your ministry and for your praying about my requests.  My marriage has been saved through your prayers and those of...
[see more]

Prayer Works
9.24.09   Sent by Angela
I just want to thank you with all my heart for your sacrifice in prayer for me as I was seeking a new job.  Thank you so much for this...
[see more]

Healing Power
9.24.09   Sent by Etta
Thank you so much for joining us in prayer for my husband.  He went to bed on Saturday night with pain throughout his body and on Sunday morning it was...
[see more]

9.18.09   Sent by Funmi, MD
Thank you for praying for my daughter, Efe.  The Lord answered our prayers and she now has a residency position in Obstetrics and Gynecology in New York.  To...
[see more]

Double Praise
9.18.09   Sent by Laura, NC
I just wanted to share an update on my situation and to thank you for the prayers.  My heart condition is under control without medication!  Also, while your...
[see more]

From Prison
9.18.09   Sent by Anonymous, OK
Everyone here in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary is here for a reason. Though some may ask for forgiveness for their crimes and repent to God, it does not...
[see more]

Following God
9.18.09   Sent by Genie, NM
Glory to God!  Thank you, too, faithful prayer warriors!  We are grateful to God for Marina who prayed to receive Christ as Savior and for the inner healing He brought...
[see more]

9.18.09   Sent by Thomas, FL
In 1986 I stood and said that, "Satan is Lord" and I became a warlord for Lucifer. Then my eyes were opened to the truth of who I...
[see more]

Pregnancy Crisis
9.18.09   Sent by Valerie
In November 2008 I sent a prayer request for Geri who was in danger of delivering a very premature baby due to the thinning of her cervix.  She...
[see more]

Little Noah
7.27.09   Sent by Genie, NM
Thank you, Faithful Prayer Warriors for praying for Noah who had taken a two-month supply of arthritis medication.  Glory to God for healing little Noah (who is looking and acting...
[see more]

6.4.09   Sent by Loralei
God answered the prayer for my Aunt Linda. The doctors never expected her to recover from MRSA, a type of serious staff infection. Last week, they were going to amputate...
[see more]

Ghanaian Prayer
6.4.09   Sent by Comfort, Ghana
I am Comfort, a Ghanaian young lady. I sent in prayer requests six years ago. God used your team to bless me mightily by answering all of them. I have...
[see more]

6.4.09   Sent by Noel, Australia
I just want to thank you for interceding for last month’s school of evangelization for young people. The Lord has manifested himself in a tender and intimate way and a...
[see more]

Tokyo Ministry
6.4.09   Sent by Edith, Japan
We have been praying for about two years concerning purchasing a building and land to establish a counseling ministry center in west Tokyo. In about a week, the money and...
[see more]

Marriage Thanks
6.4.09   Sent by Eileen

There have been so many answered prayers for my marriage through the years as I sent in requests. Thank you forever. I am so confident when you pray.

New Teaching Job
6.4.09   Sent by Barbara, MA
Ron was laid off suddenly after 27 years of teaching.  Where was a man, 58, going to find a job teaching after the school year already started? The Lord confirmed...
[see more]

6.4.09   Sent by Reba, PA
Esayas is a six year old boy from Ethiopia. The Compassion staff was amazed at how quickly a response was received regarding Esayas’ medical treatment. He is already...
[see more]

Souls Redeemed
6.4.09   Sent by Anonymous
My friend's trip to Egypt was very fruitful. He said that 17 people made decisions for Christ.  He prayed for many to be healed and God opened the door for...
[see more]

His Evident Mercies
6.4.09   Sent by Joan
The Lord works in strange ways and what looks like a set-back can be providential.  The Lord has continued to look after Hazel, a woman with fetal alcohol syndrome who...
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Place in the Wilderness
6.4.09   Sent by Shirley
As ever and always, God made a very real place in the wilderness for Mel.  On February 12th, ten days after the request for prayer was sent and just three...
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Thanks for Prayers
6.4.09   Sent by Daniel J.S.
I want to say, "Thank you!" for your prayers.  Praise the Lord on high that this last surgery was a success.  There were no infections, nor even a hint of...
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4.1.09   Sent by Barbara, Mississippi
I requested prayer because Brittany was going away to Bible school and Caleb thought he should live in the same town away from home. I wondered about...
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Multiple Healings
4.1.09   Sent by Betty
I asked for prayer for K to not have resistant infection, and she is FINE and healed! Pat passed away with her cancer on Thursday the 28th....
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Job Rescue
4.1.09   Sent by Andrea, Netherlands
I am glad to announce that situations have changed. Seeing that some tasks have to be done and there are employees who have applied for jobs at...
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Happy Family
4.1.09   Sent by Gail
Original Request: Please pray for Hannah, 24 years old, the mother of newborn Samuel. She experienced a blood clot several hours after the birth that had to...
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Healing Touch
4.1.09   Sent by Janice, Georgia
When Dan was taken to the hospital, he was in ICU with bleeding on the brain and he was in a coma. When he finally woke up...
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Custody Victory
4.1.09   Sent by Kathy, Kentucky
Carter received joint custody of her daughter and the Lord has blessed her in so many ways since then. One of the miracles is Carter's desire to...
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Eye Improvement
4.1.09   Sent by Sharon
Please pass the following praise report to the intercessors who prayed for my request. Ginny's eye began to immediately improve. Please send thanks to all the intercessors...
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Remarkable Recovery
12.25.08   Sent by Anne, Iowa
Isaiah (my friend) has come through a remarkable recovery. He has been transferred to Chicago Children's Hospital for brain rehabilitation therapy. He will have to learn to do all...
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Healing from Migraines
12.17.08   Sent by Carrie, Wisconsin
I want to praise God for the breakthrough healing miracle from my migraines. I do not need to take any pain pills for the migraines anymore. That is a miracle!...
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Favor on my MBA Exams!
12.16.08   Sent by David
I write to give thanks to God our Father in Jesus' name for answering our prayers. I forwarded my prayer request to you concerning my MBA exams. The results were...
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New Job and Favor!
12.15.08   Sent by Odette, Jamaica
God has been phenomenal! He has answered my prayers over and over again in His time and way. He has granted me a new job to help me pay my...
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Pain Relief
1.15.07   Sent by Betty
I have not taken a pain pill for my severe back pain since June 4th. I am able to walk short distances without the use of my walker....
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From Prison
0.0.0   Sent by Anonymous, OK
Everyone here in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary is here for a reason. Though some may ask for forgiveness for their crimes and repent to God, it does not...
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